Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gem of the Week: Tourmaline

Tourmaline gemstones are generally thought of as green, but can occur in a number of colors. Tourmalines are often cut as long baguettes, emerald cuts, or ovals, because of their naturally occurring shape. Tourmaline gemstones are powerful gems used to strengthen the body and spirit. Green tourmaline gems are used to balance the male and pink to balance the female. Color: Green, Pink


Tourmaline was popularized by the Dutch East India Company trade with Sri Lanka. Tourmaline comes in another variety called Schorl. Schorl is black tourmaline normally found in Germany. 
Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors from black and brown to yellow and red-pink. Some crystals are bi-colored because of the fluidity of the formation process. 
Tourmaline can also be magnetic. Red Tourmaline is least magnetic and yellow, green, and blue are most magnetic. 
Tourmaline can be heat treated to enhance the color of pink gems and this method does not damage the value of the gem. However, doing a clarity treatment on a Tourmaline will damage its worth. 
Tourmaline has been found all over the world including the US, Brazil, Africa, and Afghanistan. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gem of the Week: Tiger's Eye

Tiger Eye is a form of chalcedony quartz Cat's Eye. Tiger Eye gems are generally cut as cabochon, but also often into round pieces for necklaces and pendants. Tiger Eye gemstones help to convert anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality and logic. The gemstone increases confidence and clear thinking. Color: Yellow-Gold, Blue, Red


Like Cat's Eye, Tiger's eye is a chatoyant gem, which means that the stone has a fibrous quality allowing it to have a silky smooth, flowing appearance. Tiger's Eye is less valuable than Cat's Eye but is sometimes used to imitate it. Tiger's Eye stones can have their colors enhanced by various treatments; a blue Tiger's Eye is called a Hawk's Eye. 

Bonus: Tiger Iron
Tiger Iron is rock composed of Tiger's Eye, red Jasper, and black Hematite. These materials band together to create a visually stunning rippling rock formation. Tiger Iron has been used chiefly for decoration of knife hilts, paneling, and beads. 


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gem of the Week: Sunstone

The sunstone gem is a leadership stone, and brings leadership qualities to its wearer. It aids in dispelling fears and phobias and also decreases stress and lifts depression. Sunstone promotes grounding and protection. Sunstone gems also warms the heart and allows the person to get in touch with their life force. Color: Gold-Orange Metallic Sheen

Sunstone's unique formation develops the strongest color in the center of the stone giving the raw stone a ghostly appearance. Sunstone is a relatively uncommon until recently. There are large deposits of Sunstone in Norway and on the East Coast of the US. 
Some varieties of Sunstone found in Oregon developed with copper giving the stones a darker hue. The copper also gives a unique refraction to the stone letting it refract multiple hues as light hits it. 
Sunstone is the state stone of Oregon.    

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Art Camp runs three different programs:
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gem of the Week: Ruby

Ruby is the usual name for transparent red corundum. Rubies are used to open the heart and promote love. The ruby gemstone aids in the healing of the emotional body. Rubies allow love and joy to enter your life and assist those around you. Color: Red Corundum


The name Ruby comes from the Latin for Red, ruber. Ruby has been valued as a gemstone for thousands of years and is in the Four Precious Stones group with Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond. Ruby's color can range from pinkish to blood red. The most valuable rubies are blood red and very clear. 
Ruby has been valued especially in China and Japan, and was often used to decorate armor, scabbards, and bridals. Ruby was often buried under the foundations of homes to bring them good luck. 
Ruby is the birthstone of July.