Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gem of the Week: Garnet

Garnet is a naturally occurring gemstone and a family of related minerals, rather than a single gemstone. Each variety of garnet has a common crystal structure, however only clear can be used in gemstone therapy. Color: Ranges in color from colorless to black. 

Garnet Gemstone
Garnets have been used since the Bronze Age as both gemstones and abrasives in the refinement of other gemstones.   
The rarest of Garnets is the elusive Blue Garnet which was only discovered in the 1990's in Madagascar. Blue Garnets have a unique ability to change color under different lighting, in the sunlight they look blue, but under incandescent light, they look purple. 
Garnets were used as decorative gemstones all over Europe from Roman Era Mediterranean to Anglo-Saxon England. 

Garnet is used industrially as an abrasive for finishing various products like cabinets. Garnet is also used in filtration after being ground to a fine sand. Garnet plays a role in many industrial sand blasting processes and can be used. with high pressure water jets, to cut steal.  

Garnet is January's birthstone.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

Gem of the Week: Fluorite

Fluorite Gemstone
Fluorite gemstones are important balancers and healers. Fluorite opens the heart and the mind, which assist in producing clarity. Color: Blue, Chinese Rainbow, Clear, Purple, Yellow, Lavender, Green. 

Fluorite Gemstone 

Fluorite has many properties beyond being beautiful. It glows under ultraviolet light and can be carved into almost any shape. Fluorite is used in smelting as a cleaning agent and is used in microscopes and telescopes because of its low dispersion. 
Fluorite is named after the Latin for flow, as it was first used in smelting to decrease viscosity. Later, fluorite gave it's name to fluorescence as it occurs in the stones, and when the element Fluorine was discovered the name was used again. 
Fluorite comes in almost every color, though it is most common are purple, blue, and green. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gem of the Week: Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla Gemstone
Chrysocolla is attractive blue-green that provides a unique color to the mineral world. It can help with the home life and rebuilding relationships of all kinds, family & friends alike. It can help ease heartache, and give renewed strength.

Chrysocolla Gemstone 

Chrysocolla occurs in areas where copper oxidizes.This process gives chrysocolla it's bright blue-green color. Sometimes confused with turquoise, this stone has unique ring patterns that happen during formation. The stone was first used in 315 BCE by the Greeks, and is often found in Israel, Congo, Chile, England, and southwestern United States.       

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Just a little reminder to all in the area, stay safe! Our roads are pretty well kept by Wauconda's wonderful Public Works employees, but still be careful when you're outside, whether it's walking the dog or shoveling the driveway.
Need some warm outerwear for the winter? DreamScapes has your number. Pick from our huge selection of scarves, hats, and gloves. Find a unique winter statement by picking out a handmade scarf or hat. Or get that tech-addict on your list some tech gloves that let them use touch screens even when it's cold. We'll be glad to see you, so stop by!

Gem of the Week: Citrine

Citrine Gemstone
Citrine crystals can form together with amethyst to form ametrine and bi-colored quartz. Citrine assists in unwinding tension and increasing flexibility in the body. This then encourages your body to relax and move into alignment. Color: Yellow

Citrine is part of the quartz family like amethyst, jasper, and tigers eye. It's color ranges from yellow to brown. Natural Citrine is rare. Most commercial Citrine stones are man made by heating amethysts or smoky quartz. When cut, Citrine is almost identical to yellow topaz, their hardness being the defining difference. Citrine is produced in Brazil and is one of the traditional birthstones of November. The stone derives its name from the latin for yellow after its coloring. .  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gem of the Week: Carnelian


Carnelian is a member of the chalcedony quartz. This gemstone provides the wearer with confidence, initiative, and assertiveness, by revitalizing your being. Carnelian gemstones enhances mental clarity and positive emotions, promoting a brighter outlook. Carnelian helps bring your aspirations, by teaching you to balance your higher and lower energies. Aids in the balancing of creativity and mental processes. Color: Orange, Yellow, Red.

Carnelian Gemstone      

Carnelian is a semi-precious gem stone found in Brazil, India, Siberia, and Germany. It is also known as Sard as the differences between the stones are minimal. Carnelian jewelry has been found that dates back to bronze age Crete during the Minoan civilization. It was often used as engraving gems especially for official seal rings as Carnelian does not stick to hot wax. Carnelian was used across the Mediterranean World.

The name Carnelian is a corruption of the 14th century word for cornel cherry which shares it's color with the stone. It's other name, Sard, is most likely derived from the Persian word for yellowish-red.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Walk

Dreamscapes is gearing up for Wauconda's Holiday Walk on the 7th of December. Get some Holiday Cheer as you walk around Main Street listening to carols, eating roasted chestnuts (courtesy of Honey Hill Coffee Shop), and taking horse drawn sleigh rides. Many of the businesses along Main Street will have sales and special deals to celebrate the good will in the air. The walk is full of fun for the whole family. You'll be sure to check everyone off your Christmas list and get something nice for yourself to boot! Come down and celebrate with us!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gem of the Week: Agate

A variety of chalcedony quartz and is often dyed with bright colors. Promotes grounding, protection, security; balances aura, spiritual growth; stimulates precision and perceptiveness, concentration and memory. Color: Blue, Blue Lace, Moss, Pink, Red, Snakeskin
Agate has been found in the ruins of much of the ancient world. It was often used in art and sculpture for the higher classes. Often jugs and vases would be carved from agate as well as dagger hilts and other decorative flourishes. Some of the oldest Agate has been found on the island of Crete, off the Grecian coast, dating back to the bronze age.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gem of the Week: Amazonite

Amazonite is usually polished as a cabochon. The amazonite gem improves self worth and promotes confidence. This gemstone also aids alignment of mental & physical body, by calming one’s emotions & soothing nerves. Amazonite helps to enhance your creativity. Color: Blue-Green to Green
Amazonite can be found in a variety of areas despite what the name suggests. There are Amazonite quarries in Russia, Colorado, Virginia, Brazil, Madagascar, and of course the Amazon.
Why Amazonite has such a brilliant blue-green color has been up for debate among geologists. For a while, it was assumed that the color came from copper compounds in the rock; however, the most recent research points to small traces of lead may give this rock it’s bright color.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

So What IS Art Camp?

So we’ve mentioned Art Camp in a post or two now, and there’s a whole gallery devoted to it so, I hear you cry, what IS Art Camp?
Art Camp is a series of art classes for kids ages 6 through 12. We do a morning class starting at 9 and an afternoon class that starts at 12. Between classes we eat lunch with the kids to make sure they’re healthy for the day. The afternoon class goes from 12 to 3. We have many kids stay for both classes.
The projects we do vary from painting to collage to beading. We try to use multiple medias in our projects, and we strive to teach new skills everyday, as well as art theory. There are always different projects to do so kids will always find something they enjoy.
Class sizes range between 1-8 kids. This keeps the focus on each individual and gives them plenty of one-on-one time with the teacher. There are also enough other children in the group that kids have a chance to make lasting friendships.
We hold Art Camp over the Summer from Mid June to Early August every summer and hold a week session over Spring Break. It’s a fun way to keep kids active and learning over their breaks!

Our New Family Member

The shop’s been all abuzz for a while now with the big question: when will Ms. Andrea have her baby? Well it happened! We have a brand new baby boy named Taizen to adjust to! And he’s cute as can be.

Gem of the Week: Amethyst

Amethyst is a member of quartz family. The gemstone calms the emotions, creates clarity of thought and assist in attaining wisdom. Amethyst helps to draw your attention beyond the mind to the realm of pure spiritual knowledge. Amethyst helps you let go of all that is old and all that holds you back so you may fully embrace your spiritual destiny. Color: Translucent Purple Quartz
The name Amethyst comes from ancient Greek translating to “not intoxicated” referring to the belief that wearing the stone would protect the wearer from drunkenness! We, however, cannot promise the same effect. Amethyst is the birthstone for February.
Amethyst was used as a gemstone in ancient Egypt as well as being a featured stone for carving into engraved gems in the old world. In the middle ages it was believed that Amethyst protected those who wore it as well as keeping the calm and healing them. Amethyst has been found as far north as modern day England where Anglo-Saxon graves contained some Amethyst beads.
Amethyst mines have been found in South America, South Korea, Austria, Russia, India, South Africa, and the United States.

Ladies Painting Nights

Ladies Painting Nights are back on at DreamScapes. The next scheduled nights are Friday the 27th of September and Monday the 30th of September. The paintings offered for these sessions are these:

Have a creative, unique girls night out and bring home a masterpiece all your own!

Interested? sign up through our website

Gem of the Week: Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstone is a variety of mineral beryl. This gemstone assists in connecting with the ocean of awareness and creativity. Your mind and body is filled with deep relaxation, while heightening your awareness of the truth at every level of existence. Its youthful essence renews your spirit and nourishes you from a wellspring of spiritual energy. Aquamarine can assist in understanding difficult situations from a love-filled viewpoint. Color: Clear Light Blue, Blue-Green
Aquamarine is the birthstone color for March. It’s name comes from the Latin for “water of the sea”. Aquamarine is part of the Beryl mineral group that contains other gems such as Emerald.
According to legend Aquamarine comes from the treasure chests of beautiful mermaids, making this stone lucky for sailors. These legends go back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans who believed that Aquamarine would ensure safe passage and even prevent seasickness. In the Middle Ages, Aquamarine was believed to reflect the cosmos in it’s facets.

Gem of the Week: Adventurine

Aventurine is a metamorphic rock, meaning that it’s made up of more than one mineral, consisting mainly of quartz. This gemstone helps in the purifying and uplifting of the physical body. It focuses your bodies energy on the most distressed organs. Aventurine works through the body organ by organ. Aventurine helps heal and purify your entire body. Color: Translucent Dark and Light Green
The name Aventurine comes from the Italian for “by chance” as it was discovered by accident in the 18th century. Aventurine can come in a variety of  colors depending on the deposits in the stone, but green is the most common.
Aventurine is found in India, Russia, Chile, and Spain.

New Products

New Products at DreamScapes!
We've gotten in a bunch of new products from scarves to eyeglasses chains! So let me show you our hot, new items!
In the past few weeks we've refilled our soaps for sale with more Hemp handmade soap, which was our last best seller. Just $4.50 a block!
We've got some cute as can be hand-knit scarves in a variety of fun fall colors, perfect for the cooler October nights! Only $25!
And speaking of chilly nights, we've got some new knit hats for those cold football games! Buy one to match the local colors of purple and gold or just get your favorite combo! Just $15!
We welcome in a brand new artist to our store with her beautiful and unique creations. She creates wonderful wire-work dream catcher necklaces and has incredibly interesting wishbone jewelry! She also creates a range of earrings as well as little dancer earrings and necklaces! Perfect for the dancer in your life! And the crowning glories of this new collection are the handmade crystal and paper mobiles in a variety of colors and sizes. Stop by and Check them all out!
And from another new artist, we have a lovely new selection of eyeglasses chains in a variety of styles and colors! A great gift for the sassy bookworm in your life, or get one just for yourself! Only $12!
Or if that’s not your style, we have a brand new collection of memory wire bracelets! Memory wire doesn't require a clasp so there’s no fuss putting it on. The memory wire wraps around your wrist easily and won’t slip off over your knuckles. They look great on over the extra long sleeves of a cardigan! And now we also have a petite size for those of you with smaller wrists and the little fashionistas in your life. Add some pop to your wardrobe for only $10 regular size and $5 for petite.
Need a little bit of inspiration through the day? We have brand new ceramic inspiration signs to hang around your home when you need a little boost. Each one is hand crafted with a different message and inlayed designs as well as having a variety of colors to match your d├ęcor. Each also comes with a sturdy wire loop for hanging decorated with beautiful wire work and crystals. These make fantastic house warming gifts especially at $7.50. Pick one up for a friend, or just get one for yourself!
And finally, we have a brand new breed of jewelry for you to enjoy! Chainmail, a form of armor made by linking thousands of small rings into a mesh tunic, was used as far back as the 4th century BCE. Created  to protect the soldiers on almost every continent, chainmail now has a two-fold meaning of protection and strength. And now you can have it in your jewelry! Our selection at the moment is small but will continue to grow. Each piece is hand crafted and designed to be unlike anything else you could buy. So feeling a little fierce? Got a bit of warrior spirit? Come by and find your armor.